The gold ring trick

Fraudsters are devising some increasingly ingenious scams.


Have you heard of a scam that is very fashionable, but not very well known: the false gold ring?

The technique: someone drops a "gold" ring in front of you and says "Is it yours? Did you drop it?" The individual points out the hallmark and therefore the presumed value of the ring, which they of course noticed before you did. They talk up a clever story, claiming that the ring is too big for their finger, or that their religion bans them from wearing jewellery and so they want to give it you in exchange for money. However, this ring is a fake, and is usually made of copper with counterfeit hallmarks. It will rust in a few days and then turn green.

How should you react? Don't take any interest in the ring. Go on your way and don't hold it in your hands. Above all, don't hand over any money. If you are the victim of or witness this scam, notify the police and/or make a complaint.