Counterfeit sellers of public transport tickets

On public transport, reselling tickets is a real business!


A young man will approach you offering to sell you a ticket at a good price, but this is a scam. These individuals buy metro tickets at reduced prices so they can sell them at high prices to passengers and tourists.  

They pretend to use the machine but in fact they take the metro tickets out of their pockets, and can ask for up to 120 euros per ticket. If the queues at the ticket counters are too long, they stand to the side and sell them directly. Some go as far as putting a Navigo pass round their necks, pretending it is an official badge of an RATP agent.

Their favourite place is the Gare du Nord  and they target tourists coming from the UK or other European Union countries.

How can you protect yourself? Only buy public transport tickets from official organisations. No one should approach you to sell you tickets! If they do, it's definitely a scam, and you will pay more than the real value of the ticket. If the machine is not working, approach a RATP agent, recognisable by their uniform. If you are unsure, go directly to the metro station's information point.

If you are the victim of or witness a ticket scam, notify the police and/or make a complaint.