Black market in event tickets

Paris is not safe from the black market. During major events, sales of counterfeit tickets are common.

As a reminder, only the producer of the show and authorised distributors have the right to sell tickets for the show they are producing.

Some websites pass as official distributors but they do not have any authorisation, and they usually sell at highly inflated prices. They may be guilty of criminal offences against consumers, such as deception and fraud.
At events, you might see "ticket touts" outside, selling tickets they have bought which they sell on for up to ten times the amount, depending on the scale of the event and its popularity.

How can you protect yourself?  If you are in any doubt about a ticket seller, check with the producer of the event if this seller has been authorised by it, by consulting the official website or contacting the producer by telephone. The producer's licence number and/or name are given on the tickets and posters for the event. Only buy tickets for football matches, concerts, fairs and other events on the official websites or from official bodies.