The Secretary General of the Defence Zone

Modifié le 05/11/2015

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In addition to the local department (département) and the region, the State is also organized into seven defence and safety zones, which are capable of managing crisis situations that are beyond the capability of the departments.

The Paris Defence and Safety Zone covers the whole of the Ile-de-France, i.e. inner city Paris (75), the three inner suburb departments (92, 93 and 94) and the four outer suburb departments (77/78/91/95).

The Prefect of Police, who is also the Prefect of the Zone, is supported by a Secretary General; the Secretary General of the Defence and Safety Zone (Secrétariat Général de la Zone de Défense et de Sécurité - SGZDS) performs missions relating to civil and economic safety and the security of sectors of vital importance in the zone. These missions are performed in close collaboration with the departments of the Ile-de-France Regional Prefecture.

The SGZDS plans and optimizes the public authorities' response to crisis situations, focusing on four main areas:

  • Coordination of action by public services and private operators;
  • Processing and feedback of information;
  • Management of operational methods through the involvement of zonal or extra-zonal resources, to support the local departments;
  • Government communication for crises beyond the capability of the local department.

Within these missions, the SGZDS is responsible for organizing the zonal exercises. Sequana is one of these.