Bracelet scam

Gathering in groups in the Montmartre district, bracelet sellers are scamming tourists. This is a violent, surprising method that can leave you feeling bewildered.


The technique : the street bracelet sellers literally pounce on passers-by and grab their arms. In a few seconds, the victim is trapped and the bracelet is securely knotted round their wrist.

They can also ask tourists to "put their finger" in a braid to show them how quickly a bracelet can be made, explaining that it will bring them luck, they must never throw it away, keep it all their life etc.

Currently, scammers are asking 2, 5, 10 euros or even more for these bracelets which are impossible to take off! If the tourist tries to escape or refuses to pay, they are met with looks of disdain, insults, spitting or violence.

How should you react? Use nearby streets which are less frequented by tourists. Do not show any interest in the bracelet sellers. Call the police in front of the scammers, which will make them run away. If you are the victim of or witness this scam, notify the police and/or make a complaint.