ATM Scam

You will need cash for your purchases, so you will need to use an ATM.


Paris has many cash machines inside and outside banks. However, when you are taking money out, be vigilant as some people will try to steal your cash.

The technique: After inserting your card in the ATM and entering your PIN, two people will appear at the same time as the cash, surrounding you on each side, holding a newspaper. They will distract you and use the newspaper as a screen before snatching the notes. Another method is that they will intervene before you enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and one of them will distract you while the other will press the button showing the highest amount.

How can you protect yourself? Firstly, always use ATMs inside the bank where possible. If you have to use one outdoors, look around you first to see if anyone is loitering around. If they are, carry on and look for a more secure cash machine. Do not pay attention to individuals who want to distract your attention. Finally, whatever the situation, conceal your PIN by hiding the keypad, and do not let yourself be distracted by people wanting to steal from you.