Information points

Modifié le 06/11/2015

Experts will respond to public questions, exhibitions will be put on and the practical exercises will be re-broadcast. The public will have access to a map, so that they can better understand the consequences of a flood and the areas affected.

These information points will also be hosted by some partners: Prefectures, municipalities and local departments.

As the main objective of this type of communication is to prepare for the period during and after the crisis (how to ensure the socio-economic network survives), several municipalities have decided, in close partnership with the Prefectures, to launch "resilience forums", inspired by the London example of Exercise Watermark in 2011.

Here, the general public can find all the information they need: where to get supplies, flood-risk areas, evacuation procedures, behavioral information etc.

Ville de Clichy
Essonne CG

Conseil départemental de l'Essonne

Ville de Gennevilliers

Ville de Melun
pref 91

Préfecture de l'Essonne
pref 92

Préfecture des Hauts-de-Seine
pref 93

Préfecture de Seine-Saint-Denis