Significant floods

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The Sequana exercise is relevant in that the flood risk is largely shared by the Member States in the European Mechanism. Here are a few examples of floods that have occurred in the last decade. In France , the 100-year flooding of the Rhône in December 2003: a flooding of all the Rhône tributaries downstream of Lyon, which caused seven deaths and around a billion euros in damage. In Great Britain in 2007: significant rainfall affecting Yorkshire with damage assessed at 7.2 billion dollars. In 2002 and 2013 in Central Europe , a region accustomed to 100-year floods. Two rivers in particular were affected: the Elbe and the Danube. The 2013 floods seriously affected Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia . In view of the similarities observed between these floods and those of the Seine, the Prefecture de Police organized an experience-sharing meeting with the Czech Republic in June 2013.
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In Serbia in 2014: South-Eastern Europe was seriously affected by floods in May.

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Source : Keystone Filip Singer - Prague, June 2013