Discover the flood simulator

Modifié le 09/11/2015

The Prefecture de Police offers users in Ile-de-France a new practical service as part of its Préf.Police mobile app: a flood simulator.

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Find your geo-location...

The flood simulator module requires you to activate the location of your telephone or tablet.

Discover if you are in a flood-risk area

Once activated, the module tells you if you are in a flood-risk area and at what percentage (corresponding to a ratio calculated for a flood equivalent to the historical reference flood of 1910).

And select your percentage!

If you are in a flood-risk area, a percentage (60%, 80%, 100% or 115%) will be specified to you: 100% is the equivalent of the level of the 1910 flood, 115% exceeds the level of this reference flood.
Show the other ratios! In this way you can see the different flood levels (shaded in blue) in the surrounding area and in Ile-de-France.
This simplified representation of the flood phenomenon helps with crisis management preparation.

Test the flood simulator on the Préf.Police* app!
* downloadable from Google Play and on the App Store .