En raison d'une cérémonie, les services de la préfecture de Police recevant du public Caserne Cité (4è arr.) seront fermés le mardi 20 août matin  et ouvriront à 13h.
Pour la fin du mois d'août , consultez les restrictions d'horaires des services des démarches relatives aux permis de conduire  et aux ressortissants étrangers .


A high quality victim contact system

Save anglais

There are a number of mobile contact points available to foreign visitors around the tourist areas of the capital.

The SAVE software system (Foreign Victims Assistance System) is used to record complaints (available in 16 languages) and simplify future procedures the victim may have to take with their embassy or in their country of origin.

Bilingual police officers, wearing badges indicating the languages they speak, also patrol the tourist areas and can give valuable help to tourists who do not speak French, respond to simple requests for information or answer more sensitive questions concerning a theft or attack they have suffered.

An interpreting service is also available by telephone at the Prefecture de Police headquarters.